RIHANNA – #ANTIdiaRy (#R1, #R2, #R3, #R4 and #R5)

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33 Replies to “RIHANNA – #ANTIdiaRy (#R1, #R2, #R3, #R4 and #R5)”

  1. God i pray that you lead Rhianna in the right direction and not the wronge and lor i pray that you send a message to Drake that to watch his mouth and hold his tounge. he'll save his himself from a lot of hurt. In the name of jesus, i pray that you help guide rhianna and make sure your her plus one. Amen.

  2. Lmao the fact that she comments "keep your eyes open" and yet everyone's are still SHUT; this video is exactly the same as The Weeknd's "can't feel my face" video; just exposes exactly what they did to get famous, how is it art when they're all doing the exact same thing? Frankly, I don't get how these satanic rituals have anything to do with a phone :/

  3. there is two sides …. Good and evil…. have fear of God and not of evil for he is in control of all things… the devil pulls us away from God by programming us to believe that we need these earthly things to be happy or temptation etc.. when God simply just wants u to believe and have faith in him that he has all things under control.. and the only way to him is through jesus… to see that the devil isnt hiding anymore means that this war is soon to come…

  4. -The 2 children colliding under the blankets is symbolism for the masculine and feminine mindset coming together, to create a third higher mindset (The kid with the encrypted crown who shows her the way she wishes to go)

    -The key is found and is placed on her throat, the throat chakra. her voice is the key to her success.

    -The encryption is her personal message she wishes to manifest in her world.

    -The darkness is losing innocence. not a bad thing as religious persons make it out to be, it's simply understanding that 96% Darkness (that which is underdiscovered in this universe) and using it to her advantage to manifest and manipulate whatever she wishes.

    Darkness/the unknown DOESNT EQUAL Evil.

    For Christians- Eve was NOT evil for eating an apple of truth . If God wanted you blind, he is afraid of your power.

  5. Here's what they do… they make it so blatantly obvious that they're satanic that you don't think it's real, but in fact, that's exactly what it is. It's all an elaborate ruse….

  6. And all you people still don't believe your favourite idols are not about this satanic agenda when theirs clear evidence such as this video by Rihanna, lil wayne love me like satan, jay z lucifer come on people wake up

  7. Allister Crowley the Alchemist innerstanding of thy self. Thy shadow self and thy light self. She has undergone her alchemical process of transformation into a Goddess. This is what this means.

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