Rihanna – Love On The Brain

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46 Replies to “Rihanna – Love On The Brain”

  1. Rhíannon is a Welsh goddess. The princess submerged in cultural darkness who lies like a shadowy creature in the realms of our dreams waiting to come to life with vigour and passion.

    Bewitched for the first time.
    Brains instead of tits.
    (Nothing wrong with tits, though.
    Nothing wrong with brains either.)

    Intelligent arrangement, powerful and passionate
    in every way.
    Love it, Rihanna.

  2. I LOVE THIS SONG, but the video seems so odd and off concept/inspiration, the song is so fiercely throw back, I would've loved to see this is very country girl, very vintage… BUT I love the heck out of Rihanna! so it's neither here nor there!

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