25 thoughts on “R.I.P – Rita Ora Lyrics on Screen

  1. Shay Corrigan

    R.I.P. to my life. I wish I could disappear. But I'm still here. Damn it god for putting me here in a unfriendly world so self centered. I just want Dorothy to know that she is the reason I feel this way. Plus my selfish parents and family. They don't see things the way I do because they're not following me around like I am because I have no choice. That was a figure of speech me following myself around. But that's just how I picture it because I'm with myself constantly. I can't escape myself. 🙁 But anyways I'm going to stop running away from death from now on and invite it to kill me. I hope I die from a natural cause of death like fever then I die. You know something not brutal like a car crash. That would be a terrible way to end my life. But then again I'm not in control of that either damn it. Does anybody else feel like they have no control over their life and what they do with it? I guess that's a no… :(

  2. K Nine

    R.I.P to the meat you use to eat go get some salads baby eat salaaaaaads, i decided to sign you in a gym, so you lose some weight baby lose sooome weight


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