42 thoughts on “Rita Ora and Louisa Johnson sing And I am Telling | The X Factor UK 2015

  1. Sherry Carberg

    This exactly why Louisa won xfactor 2015 because she sang this on stage with Rita!! 4th impact shouldve NEVER EVER been voted off!!! They were SOOOOOO much BETTER!!! Its "Louisa" NOT "Louiza"!

  2. Chris Visser

    Comparing (and trying to argue one is better than the other) "Sam & Nicole" to Louisa & Rita with this performance is like asking "who's better Pele or Messi, Beethoven or Mozart, Laver or Borg, Rembrandt or Monet?" Or "which twin is prettier?…" Should be interesting to see where Louisa Johnson is in five years?…

  3. Max Kapner

    Ok. Absolutely no hate at all because I'm not about that, but why the fuck is this Cheryl chic thats 30 something years old dating and having a kid with Liam Payne? Who's 23? NO. I mean, I can't even picture it in my head. Even though I'm gay I could still dream of Liam being gay and at least dreaming that he's single! But NO.
    Sorry I'm just really salty I don't mean it, but I'm shocked, and in not a good way.


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