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Before Rita Ora would release her self titled debut album and appear at #1 on the UK charts. Before she would be in movies such as Fast and Furious 6 and Fifty Shades of Grey.Before she would tour and headline for bands such as Coldplay and Drake. Her parents left Kosovo during the reign of a brutal dictatorship and fled to England in 1991. Her mother Vera was a psychiatrist and her father Besnik was a pub owner. Rita got her start singing open mic nights in her father’s pub. Later she would audition to represent the UK in eurovision’s song contest competition but withdrew because she didn’t feel ready. Shortly afterwards she would attract the attention of DJ Fresh for his track “Hot Right Now” which would pave the way for her rise to fame.

Hey Everyone, I’m Azzy and welcome to Before they were famous,
chronicling the life of RIta Ora before her fame.

Rita was born in Pristina Yugoslavia. Her Last name Sahatsia is a
nod to the family’s heritage as watchmakers.
Her father also gave her the name Ora “meaning hour” because it rolled off the tongue easier.
Her mother Vera was a psychiatrist and her father Besnik is a pub owner. They are of Albanian descent which during Rita’s Childhood was seen as a crime under the
Brutal Dictator Slobodan Milosevic.
he war criminal dictator planned to gather up all the Albanians in his country and shoot them. For the rest of the script check out our website


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  1. Being Albanian was seen as crime in Yugoslavia? Wow, you can discover on the internet just what kind of shit people tell to get asylum in a certain country.

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