RITA ORA – Shine Ya Light

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We gold, we gold, we shine
We gold, we gold, we shine
We gold, we gold, we shine
We gold, we gold, we shine

Hey there rock stars
Turn up your radio
I can hear you coming
Start up the video
You’re still standing
They’ll never knock you down
The beat never ending
Let me hear your heart pound

Eh, ah, eh, ah
Eh, oh, a shining star
Eh, ah, eh, ah
No matter where you are

40 Replies to “RITA ORA – Shine Ya Light”

  1. ॐॐॐॐॐ We`re all gonna die one day. Life is too short and sooner or later it won`t be important at all whether Kosovo is Serbia or Albania. Just let it be what the people who are living there want it to be. Rita was only 8 years old in 1999 and she has nothing to do with politics. She`s an artist, a singer, a performer and she`s awesome btw. Enjoy the music, enjoy the beauty and don`t give a damn for hatred, nationalism and chauvinism. Writing bad comments brings negative energy and that energy gets always back to its transmitter. It won`t make Kosovo either Serbian or Albanian but it will bring bad energy to your aura and will affect your karma. Take it seriously. In your next life maybe you`ll be born Albanian and you`d have a huge problem with your karma from your previous life when you were born Serbian. Have you ever thought about that? Meditate on the truth I brought you… ॐॐॐॐॐ

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