Haleakala Down Hill

Maui’s Volcano…Haleakala’ Down Hill Ride! Vacation Tour of Maui, we were told this was a must do, and it did not disappointment! Fast as you dare to go on specially built 60lbs. Cruiser sleds…! Fun Factor at extreme, simply because you don’t know if the breaks will hold up for a 26 miles of corner burning after corner burn… lot’s of switch backs! The other hazard,….”The views” hard to keep your eyes on the road!
I was so proud of my Wife for doing the whole Tour, that began with Cruiser Phil’s Shuttle picking us up at the Resort at 2:A.M. ( Disclaimer) The Sun Rise was a Bust from Socked in frozen rain Clouds…The shots of the Sunrise (in the Video) are from photos copied from a photo disc we got from the Park!

Music: By Sheryl Crow
Song: Soak Up The Sun

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