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Horse Medicine explores the mythological place of higher consciousness that exists between horse, human and the natural environment. Horse Medicine is an inspirational documentary film to reconnect our hearts and souls with the Horse Nation and Mother Earth.

Hi I’m James Anaquad Kleinert, International Award Winning Director; I’ve been shooting the upcoming documentary film Horse Medicine for over ten years in the stunning American West. We’ve assembled a marvelous film collection of aesthetic horse and rider footage, including interviews with gifted and inventive equestrians, Hollywood stars, horse enthusiasts, Cowboys ‘n Indians and authentic horse people along with select scenes from one of the most dynamic contemporary wild horse film archives, originally from our popular documentary film Wild Horses & Renegades. Wild Horses & Renegades became one of the Documentary Channel’s most popular films in 2012 reaching approximately 30 million American households. This film is credited with leading the way to help save America’s wild horses. Wild Horses & Renegades was listed by Blog Critics as one of the top ten overlooks gems of 2011,

NOW: Editing and Post Production Our game plan is to edit this awesome library of footage for Horse Medicine into one feature length documentary film. This documentary will become the flag ship for an anticipated six-part series. 75% of the feature film is in the can! We have an amazing cast complementing the breathtaking cinematography! In the weeks ahead, we will be doing a final wrap and begin an intensive and costly post-production process.

Director’s note: “After touring with our award winning film Wild Horses & Renegades it became apparent there is a need for a spectacular documentary film celebrating the human/horse relationship; a film that inspires us to create that authentic heart-felt bond with majestic, sentient beings. Horses have an unusual ability to help us slow down, connect and find inner peace. I truly believe that this beautiful documentary film will empower humans in their daily lives and in doing so, motivate us to make stronger connections with each other and Mother Earth.” Horse Medicine, an important experiential film, will raise awareness of equine programs, educational causes and contemporary environmental issues all culminating to connect us to a ground state of earth wisdom.

Cinematographer James Anaquad has spent these ten years shooting the project with no compensation. Much of the talent has donated their time with the hopes of being paid. The final filming and post-production process ahead will be daunting and costly. With enough support, together, we can bring this beautiful and powerful documentary film into fruition and inspire millions of people.

CAST: Raoul Trujillo Apache/Actor/Artist, Peter Coyote Horseman/Actor, Tokala Clifford Black Elk Lakota/Oral History Expert, Sheryl Crow Horse Advocate/Recording Artist, Willie Nelson Horse Advocate/Recording Artist, Rouliff Annon Horseman/Professional Horse Trainer, Michael Horse Yacqui/Zuni Pueblo/Activist/Artist, Ann Rapp Professional Wrangler, Emily Rapp Professional Wrangler/Horse Trainer , Tony Stromberg Professional Equine Photographer, Adam Joaquin Gonzalez Horseman/Actor, Viggo Mortensen Horsemen/Actor, Scott Momaday Pulitzer Prize Winning Autthor , Jill Momaday Actress, Linda Kohanov Epona Equestrian Services, Gordon Montana Vietnam Veteran/Wild Horse Owner, Kathy Pike Equine Experential Learning & Coaching, Dr. James Overall Director of Veterans Health Care Horse Therapy Program , Mel Lone Hill Youth Riding Program/Pine Ridge, Monty Roberts Equine Expert, Michael Blake Author Dances With Wolves, Kelly LeBrock Actress/Activist, Cynthai Royal with Lord of The Rings Shadowfax star horse Blanco, Saginaw Grant American Indian/Lone Ranger, The Spirit Riders and Robert Mirabal Recording Artist, More to be announced. Featuring Music by Lauren Monroe, Rick Allen, Preston Pope, Sheri Petigo, Craig Sutter, Gigi Love and more to be announced.

Our Kickstarter gift rewards are enticing and include an opportunity to experience one of the most incredible horseback riding experiences of your life!

Connecting with Mother Earth and Horses in Telluride, come ride with us!
Horse Medicine invites you to join us as we listen to the stories, legends and profound experiences shared by equestrians, cowboys, Indians, contemporary horse cultures and indigenous cultures from around the world whose lives have been transformed by this amazing animal.

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