Can You Learn to Sing Like Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is America’s sweetheart. This girl, still in her teens, is one of the biggest selling recording artists in America. She writes great songs, has a beautiful voice, and plays a mean guitar. If you are a budding singer, too, you might want to learn how to sing like Taylor Swift and she is certainly a good role model for singers, especially young girls. So, how can you emulate what she does?

Taylor Swift has a certain way about her singing that most people like. She is sweet, yet strong, and not quite as breathy as singers like Madonna or Britney Spears. She has a decent voice – nothing particularly special, and a good vocal range, but again, not particularly exceptional. She is just a good singer. You can sing similar to Swift by listening to how she sings on her recordings.

One thing she does that is particularly impressive is that her posture is very upright when she sings onstage. Despite often holding a guitar, she stands up straight and lifts her head. This allows her to get added volume into her lungs and create longer, stronger notes. She was taught well at an early age to utilize her posture to strengthen her voice.

She also never gets on stage without properly warming up her vocal chords. Yes, you can just step out there and start singing, but some of the notes may be a little shaky and you may end up hurting your vocal chords in the long run. Take a page out of Taylor’s book and get warmed up properly before you start to sing.

Can You get Better Quickly?

Remember that this girl, although still young, has been regularly singing for years and perhaps that is the biggest message. Lots of practice will enable you to learn to sing like Taylor Swift.

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