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How to get an ex boyfriend back is not an easy task. Not if you are Jessica Alba or Taylor Swift. If you are among the thousands of girls who have separated from your boyfriend and want to get back together, you are up to a tough challenge.

There are several reasons why it can be hard to get an ex boyfriend back. For starters, the society’s view about women. Generally speaking, women should not be aggressive when it comes to romance. They have to be the ones being pursued by men, not the other way around. So if you are a girl who is determined to be happy again, how to get an ex boyfriend back without raising eyebrows from traditionalists can be difficult.

Another reason is you are unsure how your ex boyfriend will take it. If they see you as being aggressive in pursuing them back, then they will pull back, or worse, avoid you totally. For some men, aggressive girls seem desperate, and they do not like that. Men love challenges. If they want to get back together with you, they will make the move. They like it when they take control. If they see that you are being desperate, making things easier for them to get you back, then they will back out and not want to do anything with you.

You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

So what can you do to get your ex boyfriend back? The first thing you must know is that you must appear like you don’t want to get back with him. Just like what I said in the previous paragraph, you may push your ex away if you make all the moves. There will be no challenge for them.

You can even take it a notch higher by distancing yourself from them. Most of the relationships that have recently ended still have that ‘missing the other person’ factor. This makes sense because you probably have spent months or years being a couple, and being apart from each other will definitely make the other person want to be with the other. Make your ex miss you-that’s rule number one.

Next, play hard to get. I could not emphasize the fact-that men love challenges-more.  But make sure that you don’t overdo it. It might frustrate your ex boyfriend, making them lose hope. Do it in moderation. By playing hard to get, you will make them think that you do not entirely trust the fact that they will be a better lover if the two of you get back together. This will make them want to prove to you that they are worthy of another chance.

How to get an ex boyfriend back is a process that most girls find difficult. But if you have read this article carefully and take to heart the advice stated here, then there is absolutely no way you can go wrong in winning back the love of your life.

Just break up?

I want to share with you a very effective system in winning back the heart of your ex boyfriend – even if there’s someone else.

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