How to Get Taylor Swift Red Carpet Look

One of the biggest music female artists, Taylor Swift has a quite strong signature look, which is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and chic appearances in Hollywood. So here are a few guidelines that can help you apply her tricks on your own look and create incredible outfits.

Taylor Swift Hair

The fabulous singing talent is always sporting the most romantic swirl curls that can make the most perfect hairstyle base for any updo. She sport soft, side swept bangs a middle parting and tight curls. Even if left loose, her hair looks amazing, but most of the times she opts for a chignon. It is one of the most feminine updos, that match any outfit and any occasion. Having curls makes the styling even more easy, so all you need is a couple of bobby pins to fix your hair down.

In case you have straight hair, use hot rollers or coil your hair in small strands and don’t brush when dry.

Taylor Swift Makeup

Just as her hairstyle, Taylor wears an elegant makeup that is just as spicy as it needs to be. Simple, yet sophisticated, Taylor’s makeup is based on a cat-eye look and hot red lips. Get a perfect makeup base with a flawless skin and apply a neutral eyeshadow on your entire eyelid. Mark your eyes with a pencil eyeliner, than mark them once again with the liquid eyeliner to emphasize the line. It is the safest way to shape your eyes and get a polished makeup. You can try go further than this and use some dark eyeshadow to get a bit of smoky eye effect, or simply stay at the eyeliner.

Curl your lashes and apply plenty of mascara.

Finish your makeup by contouring your lips with a lip pencil, than apply it on the entire lips as a makeup base. This way, you can wear your lipstick without having problems with getting smudged.

Wear the red lipstick with confidence and never forget to remove your makeup at the end of each of yor day.

Taylor Swift Outfits

To the romantic hairstyle and appealing makeup, Taylor wears the most incredible dresses ever. The colors, the designs, and the elegance that she’s wearing them with, make her entire look memorable. The black dress is unmissable of course, but most of the times she goes for soft purple, rose or nude shades that shiny or extremely hot red dresses to grab the attention. The length of the dresses is most of the times long, to create the classy and refined look that she likes. Her incredible gowns and breath-taking dresses that are perfectly matched with the rest of her look, makes Taylor one of the most influential celebrities in the US.

Taylor Swift is one great celebrities that can sport the classic chis styles and stay romantic, yet eye-catching all in the same time. She has an incredible style that keeps up with her success in the music industry. She is elegant, soft yet appealing, glamorous and memorable each time she appears on the red carpet.

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