48 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – New Romantics

  1. Naura Twins

    Dear taylor.
    I love you you are the best singer ever and you are the coolest swetest i love you so much i wish i can meet you maybe my life is not the best but you are the best im am 8 years old i know you from6 years old i always want to meet you

  2. shubham gopal

    Taylor swift,
    You just dont how much you mean to me.. You have no idea how you have decided the whole timeline of my teenage and similarly many others.
    If you ever read this just remember there are so many swifties always with you and we know you are going to create great music in future and be the biggest star ever to have borne on this planet.
    Thankyou for everything and keep creating good music. #swiftie

  3. Wiz Khalifa

    Just asked my girlfriend to marry me while this song was playing… she said YES!!! this song is so special to us now <3 its so catchy and the video is great. Check out my son's music video by searching "Lucky – A Later Flight", he's growing big!! Who else is here on January 3rd?

  4. Mokapoo Gaming

    Taylor is so strong even though there are so many haters and people who joke on her love life, she still stays strong and that's why I love her so much. Your amazing Taylor.

  5. Charlotte Libby

    A lot of people are saying this video was boring, but she has a tour video for every era. Like for the Fearless tour, the tour video was for Fearless. And for the Speak Now tour, the tour video was for Sparks Fly. And Red, was Red. Now for 1989 it's New Romantics.


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