40 Replies to “Taylor Swift – Our Song”

  1. we😀 love you 😂😋☺🤗🤗🙂☺☺🙂🙂😋☺☺😋😋☺😎😎😎😋😂☺☺😶😋☺☺☺☺😋🙄🙂😎😚😑☺☺☺😁😚☺😋😋😊☺☺☺😎☺😚😊☺

  2. This what she was till fame her and she lost her mind. Evidence: We are never getting back together and I knew you were trouble , were based on her break ups and they became famous hits. Her logic is breaking up with men = hit song (maybe it's not Taylor , maybe her manager idk!). I think something about fame and fortune can corrupt you , if only every artist knows there just a puppet on strings , just like us because they use their music for money and we give them money. A whole lot of strings yet even the puppeteers' have strings on them. Have a lovely meaningless existence:)

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