Taylor Swift Performs ‘Breathless’ at Hope for Haiti Benefit – Good or Bad?

The Hope for Haiti concert that was aired on Jan. 22nd assembled some of the biggest entertainers in the world. Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood, Madonna, U2, Taylor Swift and the list goes on. Millions of dollars were raised to help the people of Haiti who are literally struggling to survive after the large earthquake that has devastated their homeland.  

Teen superstar Taylor Swift performed the song ‘Breathless’ which was written by the group Better Than Ezra. I thought musically her performance was pretty good and the arrangement of the song came off quite good. There has been rumblings though that she was a bit out of place being in this concert. It did not seem to me that she knew exactly what was happening here.

First of all, the short dress she wore was probably slightly distasteful considering the setting. She should have probably opted for something much more conservative like the other performers. Now granted, it was nothing extremely revealing but considering the circumstances she should have worn something much more low key.

I also did not like the repeated glances at the camera. This was not something that was supposed to showcase her and I think she got a little wrapped up in it and tried to put on too much of a show. None of the other artists repeatedly looked into the camera like this and did not try to draw any attention to themselves. Madonna put on a spectacular performance and was the model of class.

Now, I am not trying to pick on her because I think she is a very talented artist. Maybe she was not prepared properly for an event such as this. Hopefully when she matures a little, she will realize that things like this are for a much bigger cause than showcasing herself.

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