Taylor Swift RAPS With Future?!- Dolan Twins DEBUT Dramatic Makeover (DHR)

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Taylor drops the Reputation tracklist, and the Dolan twins debut a new look. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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37 Replies to “Taylor Swift RAPS With Future?!- Dolan Twins DEBUT Dramatic Makeover (DHR)”

  1. makeup is for everyone and no one has the right to bring one person down just because they choose to wear it. let the person express who they are as a person and respect their decision on what they want to do with their face. beauty is in everyone, with or without makeup. we’re all human.♥️

  2. okay but the difference between a friend not being friends with you because of someone you go out with and selena’s friends getting pissed off af at her for dating justin is that justin fucked her over so many times anddd one of those said friends gave selena a kidney. i think that’s pretty justified.

  3. I have noticed that you guys twist people words a lot. Or do not present all of the facts to purposely change the narrative. For example, Demi Lovato went to relapsed with her eating disorder. But you you guys purposefully left out the why she relapse and for what. Perez Hilton’s title was to get people to watch. But he very sleepy stated that he does not blame Taylor Swift directly at all. He blames the machine behind her, universal.

  4. When you were talking about the dolan twins and makeup that made me want to cry because it shows how they are affecting other people in a positive way just by things they say or do that can help other people who have struggled in the past or are currently struggling. They are truly an inspiration

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