The Famous Country Singer Also Revealed Her Wish To Write Her Autobiography

Taylor Swift had an incredible 2009. And just recently Nielsen Soundscan, which tracks albums sales, confirmed that Swift’s latest release, Fearless, is the US best-selling album of the year. Fearless has sold 3.2 million copies followed by Susan Boyle’s “I Dreamed a Dream” and internationally has exceeded 5.3 million sales. Behind them are Michael Jackson’s ‘Number Ones’ and Lady GaGa’s debut ‘The Fame.’

The famous country singer also revealed her wish to write her autobiography in the future. She says that would be a way to remember all the “insane things”” >cheap Taylor Swift tickets she has “gotten to do.” Taylor Swift, despite her young age (20), has already written a novel which is still unpublished.

Recently Swift and Taylor Lautner, who always claimed they were just friends despite all the speculations, both agreed to film a public service condom commercial. The commercial is sanctioned by The U.S. Prophylactical Department. Both Lautner and Swift believe there is a need for education and more information on safe sex and prevention of pregnancy. They are truly bothered by the astronomical percentage of girls getting pregnant at very early age, especially in third world countries such as Ruwanda, Malawi, and Sierra Leone.  The governments of Malawi and Burundi have asked the United States to film a commercial showing that the use of condoms can prevent 98 percent of all pregnancies.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner recently starred together in an up-coming romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day. That earned them the title ‘Hottest On Screen Couple’ although the movie has not yet been released. Valentine’s Day also includes big screen names such as Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Ashton Kutcher.” >Taylor Swift tickets

Swift wrote on her MySpace blog how grateful she is to January and the pleasures of having some time off and spending it with her family.

But holidays are over and Taylor Swift is to get on the concert stage very soon again. She will be among the acts to perform at the Grammy Awards on Jan. 31 in L.A.

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