Vibration plate training

“The Power Plate has dramatically changed my work out” claims Courteney Cox, while Elle McPherson says, “Even after only 2 weeks… I can already see a difference”.  I don’t know about you, but my first reactions are, what’s the catch? Celebrities have gone to any length to lose weight, with crazy diets, for example Gwen Stefani ate raw food for 10 days and Beyonce persevered with the Maple Syrup diet. These fad diets mustn’t just be hard to stick to, but they can’t be good for your health. A 600 calorie a day diet would surely cause you to lose lean muscle.  Eating a diet of soya and lettuce and seaweed shake like Victoria Beckham would most probably starve you of the basic nutrients the body needs, and the ice-cube diet which Renee Zellweger took should certainly not be an option! Exercise can also go over-board with celebrities too with 9 hour work outs a day for tour rehearsals. It seems that in this super skinny inspired generation the Power Plate is a perfect sane way to lose a few pounds the healthy way!

Even Emma Bunton has tweeted about this newly popular body beautiful exercise machine, and it seems to be recommended with good reviews from magazines such as The Independent, Hello!, Body fit and much more. In this case it’s hard to deny that this vibrating plate training machine seems irresistible. Plus, with summer on its way, it’s that time of the year again when everyone’s trying to battle the bulge from the over indulging on too many mince pies from Christmas. To most people exercise does not seem the most appealing of activities, however with the Power Plate; there is an endless variety of different exercises for you to enjoy. These include the Booty Blaster, Tummy Tuck and you can even do a spot of Yoga to relive you from the stresses and strains of the day. Vibration plate training can be used as the sole basis for an exercise routine, since many different traditional exercises (e.g. calf raises) can be performed in conjunction with the machine itself. The effect of the vibration causes muscle tissue to undergo rapid contractions adding to the natural benefit of your chose exercise. As numerous athletes can also attest, vibration plates can also be used to complement existing exercise regimes contributing to weight loss, muscle tone and muscle development. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to use yours.

Not only does it claim to help you in your body shape, but also fitness, wellness, sports and training; an all-rounder. This suits a wide range of people from celebrities, elite athletes and everyday users just like me and you. It’s used in over 100 countries with a lot of satisfied users and now our reactions are when can we join in? The Power Plate can be found at your local gym or you can have one in your home all for yourself; they’re not claiming they’re the cheapest on the market, but remember they do compete for quality and standard, and why settle for less than that?

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