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Nostalgic Loana posts a snapshot of her Loft Story era

Nostalgic for his Loft Story days, Loana released a snapshot that promises to delight fans of the show on Instagram this Saturday, June 27.

She forgets nothing of her beginnings. This Saturday June 27, on his Instagram account, Loana revealed a new snapshot of his days after his victory in the first season of Loft Story. We thus see him pose on the cover of the men's magazine FHM, hot bikini but also in topless. "Cover of FHM with the talented and above all very honest and integrates Mr Laurent Darmon", she writes in the caption of this photo, referring to the photographer who had then immortalized her. to address its admirers : "I don't forget you, never, you are in the hollow of me … I love you and I try with all my strength with my projects, my behaviors, my future, that you are proud of the young woman you all voted for and raise so high."

The sudden reappearance of Loana on social media has something to reassure his fans, who were remained without news of the principal concerned for several weeks. Absent from the Web until a noticed return in the evening of this Friday, June 26, she now shyly evokes a wish for find the front of the stage. "And then, too bad if there is no current project, I will make you share life not so ordinary blonde", she adds as well."And I will put videos of my everyday life where you never know what's going to happen. Does that tell you?"And to believe the thread of comments in this publication, fans of Mindy's mom would not be against.

Frequent breaks away from the web

Loana used to rejuvenate away from social networks and the media scene. On the night of Saturday May 16 to Sunday May 17, she was already working on the web again after several weeks of break. Same thing in October and December 2019. Anxious to worry her biggest fans, she did not hesitate to give her news. "I'm back… I have not forgot you (always in my heart wherever I am I will never forget your unfailing support, your expressions of love that have carried me for almost 20 years, these moments of joy. Pain, shared love)", she wrote thus, still on Instagram, in December 2019.

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