Orlando Bloom: the big failing of his tattoo for his son

Get a tattoo of your child's first name, an act that many parents do. Dad of a little boy since 2011, Orlando Bloom also wanted to mark his birth forever on his arm. But everything did not go as planned …

In terms of tattoos, it is better to double check before the ink freezes forever, a drawing or word error. It is not uncommon for some to end up with a misspelled sentence or first name, or worse, with a completely different meaning, especially when they use different language. Orlando Bloom can testify having recently paid the price of a tattoo artist who omitted a final check before starting his work.

Proud to exhibit his new tattoo on social networks, the actor in the trilogy of Lord of the Rings, asked his fans to guess who was featured in this drawing. On his forearm, the 43-year-old comedian had chosen to have the date and time of birth of his son Flynn born in January 2011, from his previous union with the model Miranda Kerr, in Morse coding, a series of dots and lines. Only, his fans quickly pointed out in the comments, that the code was wrong, a point being missing. A fail for the star of Pirates of the Caribbean who posed, all smiles, alongside his tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi.

Orlando Bloom: "It will be fixed"

Following the many reactions on his Instagram photo, the respondent tattoo artist reacted quickly by also posting a photo with the following comment "A nice reminder for @orlandobloom of his son and yes, a point is missing, we know it will be fixed."Fortunately, the error is easily modifiable which is not always the case! This simple point can be added without incident in order to perfect this tribute he wanted to pay to his little boy of 9 who is crazy and that he sees little even if he stayed on good terms with his ex-partner, now remarried to the CEO of Snap Inc, and again mother of two boys. The one who currently plays in the series Carnival Row on Amazon Prime, should also very soon to be married with singer Katy Perry who has been planning their wedding for several months.

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