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Patrick Sébastien reveals what he would like to have at his funeral

In an interview with Télé Star, Patrick Sébastien revealed his last wishes. The former troublemaker of France 2 has already planned everything for his burial.

Patrick Sébastien never leaves anything to chance. Even if he is very fit and hyperactive, he knows that one day, like everyone else, he will leave this world. In the columns of TV Star, the former host of France 2 revealed thathe already had a very clear idea of ​​what he wanted at his funeral. He also chose the epitaph for his grave: "If you love me, shut up", a famous phrase signed Jacques Brel."I already have everything planned for my funeral", explained the one who is about to go on tour in November 2020 with The largest cabaret in the world in all the Zeniths of France. "I want a coffin with lots of garlands. It will be a joyful ceremony with an orchestra, just to piss off my detractors", said Patrick Sébastien who wants at all costs that we keep an accurate image of him.

After having set foot as a base when France Television decided to part with him, the one who is currently preparing a new album, managed to bounce back. "You see, they don't kill me, I'm still standing because it's my nature and no one will be able to break my shell", he said again very proud of him. It is true that Patrick Sébastien has never been so present in the media to present his many future projects.

Patrick Sébastien is on all fronts

During confinement, he did not rest since he imagined a TV game called Culture People. Lover of the acting profession, he will also soon be showing an episode of Camping Paradis, on TF1. Finally, last June 18, he published his new book: I moved the elephant. So many projects that allow him to keep morale and form. Patrick Sébastien assures him, he has never felt so alive. He hopes to keep this beautiful energy for a long time.

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