Prince Andrew embarrassed: the overwhelming testimony of his cousin

This Friday, May 22, our British colleagues from the Daily Mail revealed the damning testimony of the cousin of Prince Andrew, entangled in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

The royal family of England cringe. For several months, the name of prince andrew appears alongside that of Jeffrey Epstein, a multimillionaire businessman accused of sex trafficking in minors (and died in prison on August 10, 2019). Her Majesty's son Elizabeth II was close to the latter. This Friday, May 22, our colleagues from the British tabloid The Daily Mail have revealed overwhelming new testimony for the Duke of York, already pushed to withdraw from the public scene in December 2019, after a sinking interview granted to the BBC.

This testimony comes straight from a distant cousin of the prince andrew, writer and designer Christina Oxenberg. According to the latter, Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of having been the accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, boasted of recruiting young girls and bringing them to the deceased. "I'm looking for this that pleases Jeffrey and I bring them home", would have "proudly"said the 58-year-old socialite. Christina Oxenberg, who will speak in the documentary Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? airing soon on Netflix, also says that, if Ghislaine Maxwell was not in a relationship with the businessman, she did not hide his desire to marry him. All in order to prove that she was "more than an employee.""He keeps me because I don't make mistakes", would have slipped Ghislaine Maxwell to the cousin of the prince andrew. Confidences dating from 1997.

More than ever in embarrassment

The revelations are linked and all look alike. If this new testimony does not directly target prince andrew, a book called Relentless Pursuit immerses him a little more in the controversy. Book written by the lawyer for one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein. And as allegations against him accumulate, the father of princesses Eugénie and Béatricerefuses to cooperate with the authorities.

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