Prince Harry: how he can become American thanks to Meghan Markle

If Prince Harry wants to stay permanently in the United States, he will have to go through a very specific process. And the young dad could ask Meghan Markle for help, if he wants to become an American.

Since several weeks, prince harry, his wife Meghan Markle, their son Archie and their two dogs are in California, in the United States. The whole family is confined, far from curious eyes, and takes advantage of time spent together as recently for the first birthday of little Archie. After choosing Canada as your home, it is now in a Californian villa that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live.

But then how long will the royal couple stay in the city of the Angels? Impossible to know, however, if Prince Harry wants to stay in the United States permanently, he will have to follow a meticulous process, including for example taking a California specific driving test, opening a bank account and applying in person for a social security number. And since most offices are closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all of these are complicated to undertake at the moment.

A need for a sponsor

A close source told the Times that in "a near future", prince harry would not seek to become a permanent resident of the United States, nor to get a green card ; precious sesame that allows non-American citizens to live and work in the United States permanently. However, if the Duke of Sussex ever wanted to become an American, he could totally. Especially since he is married to an American citizen, Meghan Markle, and that both have a child, who has dual American-British nationality. In this case, Meghan Markle could become the sponsor of Prince Harry. A completely possible process, but nevertheless which would take two years to materialize, as reported in the British version of Marie Claire.

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