Prince William makes a bad joke on Coronavirus, internet users are shocked

Can we laugh at everything? This is the question we ask ourselves after hearing Prince William's bad joke. While one wondered if the Duke of Cambridge would soon become King in place of the Queen and Prince Charles, a video of Kate Middleton's husband resurfaced. In it, we discover Prince William during his visit to Dublin, Ireland, make a joke about the Coronavirus. He told four people: "I bet everyone says, 'I have coronavirus, I'm dying' as soon as he coughs when in fact no, it's just a cough. The coronavirus looks pretty dramatic. Don't the media do a little too much? ". If we do not hear the answers of the Duke of Cambridge's interlocutors, we know that Internet users were shocked by these words.

On Twitter, the video is circulating and Internet users have not been shy about saying what they thought. We can read : "The Coronavirus is not a joke!", "Fool", "It was extremely disrespectful for all Coronavirus victims to make this joke", or "What a surprise, a prince without empathy". As you can see, no one appreciated the Prince William joke. It must be said that this video resurfaces shortly after Clarence house announced that Prince Charles had Coronavirus. However, the editor of wishes to specify that the arrival of Prince William in Ireland dates from March 3, 2020. At that time, the pandemic had not grown as much as it does today. So that's certainly why the Duke of Cambridge allowed himself to joke. Also, be aware that the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William would be changed forever.

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