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Rachel Legrain-Trapani solo before giving birth: her darling Valentin Léonard explains her absence

Former Miss France, Rachel Legrain-Trapani, is about to give birth. A few hours or days before giving birth to her second child, she is far from her companion, Valentin Léonard.

Valentin Léonard will be there with his partner, Rachel Legrain-Trapani when she gives birth to their baby? This is the question that many fans of the couple ask themselves. Indeed, for a few days, the model is far from the former Miss France for her work. As he explained on his Instagram account, Friday June 26, 2020, he will be back with his girlfriend from Sunday June 28. "Make-up Time. Another 2 days of shooting before finding my darling Rachel Legrain-Trapani who is at the end of the rope while waiting for the baby to arrive", he wrote in caption of a photo where he is in full preparation. It is in Bordeaux that he takes photos for the clothing brand French Disorder.

Only, on Saturday June 27 in the morning, the former protege of Sylvie Tellier shared a photo, in a story of his Instagram account on which she is lying on her bed to try to decrease her contractions. For good reason, the one who is already the mother of a little Gianni aged 7, is about to give birth. But she wants to do everything to wait for the return of her darling. Above all, she does not want to give birth to their first child, a boy, without him. Since the beginning of the pregnancy, the couple share all the stages of expecting this baby together.

Rachel Legrain-Trapani would have liked to have a little girl

Besides, to form a real family, Valentin Léonard decided to move in definitively with Rachel Legrain-Trapani. "Last night in my little apartment and my favorite neighborhood. But a new life awaits us with the arrival of our little baby", he had written on social networks. Even if the ex of Benjamin Pavard would have liked to have a little girl after his boy, she is very happy because her future baby is healthy. "But I told myself that I would have liked to have a little girl, anyway, because I don't think I have a third child. I already warned my darling", she revealed in a live performance with Sylvie Tellier.

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