Suicide of reality TV twins: spectacular funeral to pay their last respects

On Saturday December 28, 2019, Bill and Joe Smith, who had been made famous by participating in the program "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings", committed suicide in England. Over a month and a half later, their relatives and anonymous people paid them a final tribute.

More than a month and a half later the tragic death of Bill and Joe Smith, their funeral takes place Friday, February 14, 2020, as reported Mirror. Made famous by participating in the show "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings", in 2014, the twins were very popular in England. The announcement of their suicide, on December 28, 2019, had the effect of a bomb. Since then, many have gathered outside their homes. To accompany them on their last trip, their loved ones wanted something exceptional. The white coffins were placed in two old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages. Relatives or anonymous people took advantage of the procession to kiss the cars carrying the twins' bodies.

At the start of the religious ceremony, one of the two brothers' best friends read a heartbreaking poem that he himself wrote. The emotion was very strong. As their funeral takes place on Valentine's Day, hearts filled with chocolates have been placed in the garden of the twins' grandmother. There were also a floral composition which represented a luxury Rolex watch as well as a bottle of whiskey. Besides, when it was rather cold, a man hastened to serve glasses of this alcohol to those present. It was Bill and Joe Smith's favorite drink. Many other compositions have been placed in the garden.

Joe and Bill Smith were then buried

Once the ceremony was over, the procession, led by Joe, since he was born first, took the direction of the burial site. On the first brother's car was written "Papa" in bloom and on the second, "Uncle". Like a dedication from Joe's son who accompanies his father and uncle to the end.

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