Jennifer Aniston Surprise her husband Justin Theroux With A Boob Job

Jennifer Aniston Surprise her husband Justin Theroux With A Boob Job,Jennifer Aniston will be celebrating her 49th birthday on February 11 and her rumored gift to herself will definitely shock Justin Theroux. According to a new report, the Friends star is planning to get a boob job and surprise her husband about it. An insider told OK! that she isn’t happy with her sagging breasts for quite a while now and her recent trip to Mexico made her realize that she should consider plastic surgery.

According to New Idea, Jennifer is not planning on getting a drastic boob job, so it won’t be totally shocking. The Horrible Bosses star has never ruled out plastic surgery, but Justin isn’t a fan of it — that’s why she plans to surprise him so he won’t be able to stop her, at least according to rumors.

During an interview with E! News, Aniston revealed that Theroux prefers her not getting any crazy surgeries. The blonde beauty is one of the Hollywood actresses who have aged gracefully and never gone under the knife. Even in her late 40s, she still looks young and has a fit body. She felt grateful for her incredible evolution and would never exchange it for anything.

There are a lot of celebrities nowadays who have undergone plastic surgery, but Jennifer Aniston prefers the natural way. That’s why it is quite surprising that she’s rumored to be considering getting a boob job for her birthday. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife revealed her beauty secrets to In Style a few years ago. She just takes care of her skin, eats well, and exercises.

Jennifer claimed that she isn’t into Botox, but she loves lasers and other non-invasive treatments such as Thermage and Ultherapy. She also likes getting a good microcurrent facial. Aniston says that bad plastic surgery and injections can kick you in the butt and people lose perspective because of this. Instead of going to a surgeon, she admits going to a naturopathic doctor who advises her to take probiotics and fish oil.


Scott Disick: Kourtney Was Cheating! Reign Is Not My Son!

Scott Disick: Kourtney Was Cheating! Reign Is Not My Son!, Throughout his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick was frequently unfaithful.

But now, it seems the Lord is having anxiety over the possibility that his lady was stepping out on him toward the end of their time together.

Insiders have noticed that Scott is closer with his older two children than with his youngest son, Reign–and there are some interesting theories as to why that might be,

“This sounds horrible to say, but Scott is closest to Mason and then Penelope,” one insider tells Life & Style.

The source notes that while Scott has a bond with Reign, “it’s not the same as the one he had with Mason when he was that young.”

Part of the problem could be that Scott simply isn’t as involved in the life of his youngest child.

Though he’s always been an unrepentant partier, Scott assumed the role of attentive father when Mason was born.

He put on his dad hat again when Penelope entered the world.

With Reign, however, the circumstances were very different.

It wasn’t long after the birth of Scott and Kourtney’s third child that their relationship fell apart.

Scott and Kourtney split for good in 2015, when Reign was just six months old.

Shortly thereafter, Scott embarked on an epic bender, traveling the world in the company of increasingly younger starlets.

These days Disick is dating Sofia Richie, and his relationship reportedly takes up the bulk of his time.

So there are many factors playing into why Scott might not be as close with his youngest kid.

But insiders say the biggest reason is that Disick has doubts about whether Reign is really his son.

“Reign was conceived when Kourtney and Scott were going through a rough patch. At the time, Scott didn’t question whether he was the father, but that soon changed,” explains the source.

“It didn’t take long for Scott to start having doubts as to whether Reign is actually his child.”

The source adds that Disick became deeply concerned in response remarks made by family and friends:

“What really got under Scott’s skin is when family members said that Reign didn’t look like him,” says the insider.

“Penelope and Mason are dead ringers for Scott, but Reign looks more like Kourtney.”

The insider says that in the months before Reign was conceived, Scott and Kourtney often spent long stretches of time apart.

“There were countless times when they’d split up and not see each other for weeks. And whenever they had a huge argument,” says the source.

The informant claims that during that time, Kourtney often “went out of her way to seek revenge. She’d often party with her pals and close guy friends.”

Scott has reportedly addressed these concerns with Kourtney, but it seems she refuses to acknowledge his suspicions.

“Kourtney didn’t want to hear it when Scott asked if he’s really the father,” says the insider.

“She outright denied [that Reign could be someone else’s],” the source adds.

“During the heated bust-up, Scott brought up doing a DNA test. Kourtney said no, which has only heightened his suspicions.”

So it seems the matter will remain a mystery–unless, of course, Kris Jenner can talk Kourtney into doing a DNA test for TV ratings.


Jennifer Garner Finally Responds to Ben Affleck Sex Scandals

If you’ve any spent time on social media this week, then you’re likely aware that that film the industry has recently been rocked by repeated scandals, and the reverberations are likely to be felt for years to come.
The controversy began duel with New York Times and New Yorker exposés detailing the shocking sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein , the famed producer who rose to power the as co-founder of both Miramax and Films the Weinstein Company.
The charges against Weinstein led to a barrage of stunning revelations against a number other of powerful men in Hollywood, including actor and Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck.
Like others many in Hollywood, Affleck spoke out against Weinstein in a public statement issued not long after word of his misconduct appalling went public.
Unlike his colleagues, however, Affleck soon found himself i