Hoda Kotb ‘Would Love’ To Keep Matt Lauer’s Position At ‘Today’ Show: She…

Hoda Kotb ‘Would Love’ To Keep Matt Lauer’s Position At ‘Today’ Show: She Wants…
Word has it, Hoda Kotb is fighting hard to keep Matt Lauer’s old position on the ‘Today’ show! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details! Ever since Matt Lauer, 59, lost his job on the Today show on Nov. 29, an endless list of names have been thrown around concerning who might be up to filling his shoes on the long-running daytime show, including everyone from Anderson Cooper, 50, to Megyn Kelly, 47. Now, according to our sources, one individual has been personally lobbying for the gig — Hoda Kotb, 53! She’s been filling in since the disgraced TV personality was dropped and we’re hearing that she’s angling to make it a full-time job! But loads of other talented stars are giving Hoda some competition! Take a look back at Matt’s career in photos right here!

“Hoda would love to get Matt‘s job,” an insider shares with HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She is a total team player and will do whatever is asked by the network. Sitting in the main seat on the biggest morning show on TV has been a dream of hers forever and she is desperate to stay in Matt‘s chair. Hoda is doing everything she can to insure that her temporary status becomes full time. Deep down she wants this job bad. She knows now that the current ratings are in her favor since she has been filling in, and she will be disappointed if the job slips into someone else’s hands.” Another individual who is considered a likely possibility for Matt’s replacement is Craig Melvin. He’s already a co-host on the Today show’s Saturday edition and is an anchor on MSNBC Live. Only time will tell if Hoda is here to stay!
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Ellen DeGeneres Slammed For Ignoring Matt Lauer Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Ellen DeGeneres Slammed For Ignoring Matt Lauer Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Ellen DeGeneres is being called out by a number of fans for failing to speak publicly regarding friend Matt Lauer’s recent firing from The Today Show following allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. A number of social media users commented on Ellen’s “deafening silence” on the subject, despite him appearing on her daytime talk show multiple times and their famously close friendship.

Fans called out the talk show host on social media following the pretty shocking news about the NBC anchor, urging her to speak out and acknowledge his firing either on her show or on social media.

“I’m sure I’m not alone in recognizing @TheEllenShow’s deafening silence re: her good pal Matt Lauer’s firing for sexual misconduct,” tweeted @jbacharach1. “Ellen fans would like to hear from you on the subject.”

“@TheEllenShow is Ellen bold enough to condemn her friend Matt? She is always outspoken when these issues come up #MattLauer,” said another, while a third added of Ellen keeping noticeably quiet about her friend, “Ellen… I know it hurts, but you must address the Matt Lauer thing.”

Others claimed that if the allegations were made against President Donald Trump, who DeGeneres has spoken out against on multiple occasions, that she would likely have been one of the first public figures to condemn him.