Caitlyn Jenner felt ‘neither self-assured nor attractive’ immediately after Olympics

Bruce Jenner broke the decathlon earth report en route to successful the 1976 Olympic gold medal in Montreal.

But having difficulties with confusion in excess of gender identification, Jenner felt conflicted by the newfound title of “world’s greatest athlete.”

Jenner, who is now identified as Caitlyn immediately after announcing in 2015 that she was transitioning to living as a female, discovered her way of thinking the morning immediately after the Olympic triumph in the subsequent excerpt from her most effective-selling memoir, “The Techniques of My Lifestyle,” which is obtainable now:

I am hunting in the mirror in a suite of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal the morning immediately after my Olympic gain. I am naked with the gold medal about my neck. Now that it is in excess of, who am I?

I am seeking to see if I really feel diverse immediately after successful the gold and setting a earth report and currently staying presented a broadcasting occupation by ABC.

The world’s greatest athlete.

Nobody can say that except the thirteen gold medalists who have appear prior to.

But I do not really feel notably diverse. I glimpse into the mirror and I even now see what I constantly see to a single degree or another—a person who in doing work so hard to erase what is inside him has defeat nothing at all. Now that the Grand Diversion of education for the Olympics is in excess of, now that I have gained, what transpires upcoming? Will I obtain something else to preoccupy me, to just take the edge off? My wife, Chrystie, is sleeping in the upcoming space. She thinks she is aware me practically 4 years into our relationship. She does know me.

She does not know me at all.

My fingers really feel like talons, my shoulders and arms humped and ridged with bony muscle tissues. My hair…I loathe my hair no make a difference how extensive I try out to make it. I glimpse into my eyes. I just take a handful of measures closer and burrow into them. What do I see?

What do you see?

I even now see Bruce Jenner.

Not the Bruce Jenner the earth now sees and wants and desires.

The Bruce Jenner I never required and never wished-for.

I am very pleased of my accomplishment. The day of the closing ceremonies at the Munich Olympics in 1972, exactly where I finished tenth as a twenty‐two‐year‐old, even I was amazed to have gotten that considerably. I puzzled, But what if I invest every minute of the upcoming 4 years of my lifetime education? What if I take a look at myself to the limits to see how very good I can come to be at something?

I did exactly that.

But now that I have gained, how distinctive it could possibly be if I could do it. I am a proficient athlete who works harder than the rest, who has to verify his manhood more than the rest. I may well act self‐assured, but I even now am not. I may well exude an interesting self-confidence, but I really feel neither self-assured nor interesting.

I even now see Bruce Jenner.

Excerpted from THE Techniques OF MY Lifestyle by Caitlyn Jenner. Copyright © 2017 CJ Memoires, LLC. Reprinted with authorization of Grand Central Publishing. All legal rights reserved.

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