Ellen Degeneres interviews Jesus Campos Las Vegas shooting Mandalay Bay security interview Stephen

My apologies Jesus – You are truly a Hero…. who saved no one

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  1. So, nice of you to apologize to Jesus. You sit here and say "we gotta get the facts straight", you have no interest in getting any information correct, because the crap coming out of your mouth is so ridiculous. Unless you have been through a traumatic event and shot in a hail of gun fire, you should keep your mouth shut on how someone should react. Your disregard, dismissal and condemnation by your sarcasm and flagrant belittling of how you said his name and calling out Ellen for being a lesbian, which had no bearing on this situation, just show your intolerance, ignorance and prejudice. And your type of "conspiracy theories" and judgmental attitude are a big part of the massive problem we have dividing this country. It was painful to watch your video, I was hoping you would say it was a joke, but I just realized when I got to the end, that it was sad and depressing that some people may actually put any merit at all into what you say because you post videos on youtube…

  2. bro this whole thing stinks of them pushing the national security over truth and lives since when tho is the peoples lives not a national security the 2 of them are both neck deep in this more than this bullshit there pushing the fact that it went to hollywood production for the facts PATHETIC good vid

  3. you don't need to wear sunglasses indoors – can you get your facts straight before making videos please -its pretty disrespectful to the dead and victims family that you want to go waffling unfounded theories – yes theres questions to be be answered but idiots like you are not helping ……fool

  4. Was just watching the Ellen DeGenneres show with Campos and suddenly, it was blocked for copyright infringement. Campos looked totally SCARED. His eyes were darting around, and when she called him a hero, he looked down, like he was ashamed. She gave him a check but it cut off before I could see how much. At least he is alive.

  5. I think ellen should stop doing talk shows & work for the Investigation department for Homeland Security!

    Eat this AMERICA! You dumb , fluoridated sheep. These clowns should have skipped the interview, Ellen did a fine job telling AMERICANS exactly what happened.

    Ok, JESUS COMPOST stated he was shot while walking down the hallway. Took cover where? Then STEVEN SMUCK stated when he entered the hallway from the service elevator….COMPOST was @ the entrance to the stairwell that was drilled shut?

    Nothing more than a NFL commercial.

    I hope these 2 clowns are the only ones at the 2018 football games.

    If anyone has been following this story. AMERICA are you really going to buy this ?

  6. They put them on ELLEN, made them sign a non disclosure, which will legally stop them from speaking about it anymore!

    And remember, your getting no money…..besides the GOFRAUDME money!

  7. The Room Door being open is the excuse for Jesus being on the 32nd, The Fire Exit Door Not opening Is The Reason Steve Is on the 32nd. Both Need their stories to coincide so theyve masshed them together by saying Jesus discovered the fire exit that was braced and called engineer. Yet He Didnt Radio back to the engineer after he was shot to not come on the 32 floor and to call the police. My Theory Updated is The Door was if anything Tampered with to not lock or trip a fire alarm and was never Braced and Jesus never Radioed about the Fire exit not opening. To me Jesus seems to be a lookout in the operation. He makes the excuse of moving by the stairs to check on the open room as cover for his movement between the two most important floors during the shooting. The Fire Door Being braced is an element that confuses yet connects their stories. If True Then Jesus went up to the 33 floor and back down to the 32 presumably using the other Stairs? or elevator? ( the one he should have initially used!!) Why didnt he run Into Steve On the way of the big run around he had to do? It seems the "run around" helps fill in the gap of time Jesus didnt radio for help. Instead what I theorize now is again Jesus was a lookout who was moving in between the 31st and 32nd to assess and monitor the area for any changes or things that might compromise the situation and to be a distraction if need be. This movement between the fire exits alerted someone not in the know who alerted a maintenance/engineer man to a possible Fire exit malfunction and to check it out. Jesus Compos was watching down the hallway to give the alert for any unwanted EARLY witnesses when the maintenance man rounds the corner. Jesus darts back into hiding (Steve reported that "MAYBE" he saw someone dart back Right when he turned into the hallway) and then the Shots Outside are Heard by the engineer in which Jesus (signalling that the operation has been compromised) shouts for him to take cover which is followed by gunfire down the hall (covering fire from the individual[s] fleeing down the fire exit). You notice How the police Communication and reports make no mention of the Emergency Door being Barred! They Used the exact stairs themselves!!!!! And Why didnt the maintenance man report this Key obstacle in his Radio call to help the police!? In the end Jesus needs the maintenance man to bolster his shaky story

  8. The more I look into it, the more it looks like the whole event like Sandy Hook and Orlando was a hoax, or possibly a false flag like 9-11.   Do your own research and you will see all of these dead ends.  Where is the live interview of Australian Brian Hodges who said he was staying in room 135, got to the 32nd floor, where there were multiple shooters and multiple persons dead on the floor, that a security guard has been shot dead, yes dead not grazed through the leg, and that he ultimately hid in the bushes of the Mandalay for hours waiting for police when the whole event was over in 20 minutes with officials on the scene.
    Complete rubbish.  Almost every single data point or testimony has a contradiction.  The first contradiction was the 4chan post on 9-10-17 that had many internal inconsistencies of pointing fingers at culprits like Adelson who had
    more to lose from the event than gain, to the flashing strobe on the 4th floor, an obvious diversion installed for the event, to multiple shooters versus no multiple shooters, to a helicopter flashing an additional light, to multiple
    shooter witnesses at the Bellagio with no verification of broken glass or bullet holes, to an Hispanic woman who stated "you are all going to die tonight," to Paddock's lack of background and his AirBnB accounts with overlapping rentals, and to the coup de grace of the near dead ringer look alike in Atlantic City on October 6 by someone whose now defunct Twitter
    account is YOUFOLD2ME. Get it? If you don't, you haven't done the work. It took me awhile, but I get it now.  YOUFOLD2ME! The Deep State NWO has had us chasing our tails on their 100% owned site known as Youtube.

  9. i just dont understand how campos not being a licensed security guard in the state of Nevada isnt question worthy. its wild to fathom that this man could actually be the true shooter in vegas and only doing an interview on ellen isnt helping his credibility considering he dodged prior interviews he said he would do

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