Flea Market Montgomery (Pet Shop Version)

July 24th, 2006: “Minimal” was announced by the Pet Shop Boys as the second commercially available single from their album Fundamental in the UK. In this song, the word MINIMAL is repeatedly spelled out to the beat of the song.

December 4th 2006 – Sammy Stephens appears on The Ellen Degeneres Show, introducing a quirky advertisement in which he danced and rapped about his flea market in Montgomery, Alabama specializing in living room, bedroom, and dinette sets.

January 2007: This commercial spreads through the internet via YouTube, BoingBoing and similar sites using the slogan, “It’s Just Like A Mini Mall”.

February 9th, 2007: Having just previously experienced the “Flea Market Montgomery” video, Pimpdaddysupreme hears the Pet Shop Boy’s (M Factor Mix) of their single “Minimal” inspiring him to complete the audio mashup of the two.

Sept 24th 2007: Pimpdaddysupreme unleashes the Flea Market Montgomery (It’s Just Like Minimal) mashup video onto the Internet.

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