STC Award FACEBOOK 012513

“Brief” for the campaign:
7 million children die every year from preventable illnesses, but with so many public service campaigns showing images of children in need, people have started to look away. The brief was to get our target audience to ‘feel again’ with a campaign that radiated hope and optimism.

“Solution” for the campaign:
We traveled to Guatemala and recorded actual heartbeats of children in need with a special stethoscope. We then used the heartbeats of these children to create a portrait of Domingo, the Save the Children’s health worker who saves them. Users could click on each EKG line to see the children behind the portraits and listen to their different heartbeats. Users were then able to spread the word by creating their own heartbeat portraits using their Facebook pictures. Thousands participated, including OneRepublic, Ellen DeGeneres and many other celebrities.

“Results” for the campaign:
The heartbeat portraits spread on social media and were featured all over the news: Mashable, New York Times, USA Today etc.
They supported the campaign’s upbeat tone and helped drive 10,000 people a day to where we garnered 700% more donations than the entire previous year.
All this, in the first 5 months.

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