“Why are you so mean?” Ellen DeGeneres confronts Wendy Williams

That time Ellen DeGeneres asked Wendy Williams about her thoughts on Kim Kardashian being pregnant and getting married to Kanye West. Wendy was honest and Ellen clearly did not like her opinion.

38 Replies to ““Why are you so mean?” Ellen DeGeneres confronts Wendy Williams”

  1. Ellen brought her on the show to show her how intelligent and nice host are suppose to be. To show her the world is full of hate because of bullies and unkind people like Wendy. Usually Ellen is upbeat and smiling but not with this one.
    Ellen you are a beautiful person with a kind heart. Wendy you are the devil with a wig on.

  2. Who the hell is wendy to say Kim’s gonna end up alone when Wendy’s man was caught cheating 🙄🙄🙄 bitches always got shit to say but don’t look at themselves first. Kim is annoying but Wendy shouldn’t be the one talking.

  3. wow this must be thef irst time where i've seen ellen behave really bitchy in a very obvious way. she was not hiding it whatsoever. so unprofessional. wendy handled it properly because she's such a confident person whether you like her or hate her.

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