Discover the Jillian Michaels Workout Plan That is Right For You

Just who is Jillian Michaels and why should you be interested in a Jillian Michaels workout? If you found your way to this article, you probably have a good answer to those questions. You probably already know that Jillian burst onto the public stage as an intense and demanding fitness trainer on the hit television show, "The Biggest Loser".

Her combination of inspiration and tough, tough love made her a fan favorite. But that wild mixture of toughness and tenacity would mean little if Jillian failed to get results. Michaels got the results. The contestants she trainer took the top prize in every year she was a trainer on the show. Jillian parlayed her success and popularity into wildly successful fitness DVDs such as "The 30 Day Shred", "No More Trouble Zones", and "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism." She has also authored books including, "Master Your Metabolism" and "Winning By Losing".

Jillian Michaels workout career was inspired by her being overweight during her teenage years. While it is difficult to believe now, the teenager weighed 175 pounds. Fortunately, her concerned mother possessed her in a martial arts class and Jillian took it from there. After transforming her own body, Jillian became devoted to helping others that suffered from overweight.

She developed a method that employs a lot of strength training techniques. She uses a variety of disciplines to get results. included among these are plyometric exercises, yoga and pilates, and resistance training. Jillian Michaels workout plans can be used by beginners and ever more advanced exercisers. Her videos and books included variations for all levels of fitness. You can start right where you are at and quickly advance as you develop strength and endurance and lose weight.

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