25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kendall Jenner!

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Things you never knew about Kendall Jenner! From her middle name to acne to who’s she’s dated these unusual facts about one of the Kardashian’s will surprise you

41 thoughts on “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kendall Jenner!

  1. Ina Kalinova

    For me personally, Kendall Jenner is the only one of Kardashians family (except Chris), which is not known only name that brings and the money that goes with it, on the contrary, she worked very hard to achieve something and build name Kardashian. Kendall is very different from the others and that's visible. She has class, but the class is not bought with money, or have her or never get it! Besides great deal as a model, she has an excellent education, and has helped to develop a great business flair, thanks to who is doing great with cosmetic line that launched so successfully, as in many other aspects. Involved in charity work, which is commendable, do it from the heart and with passion. A good education and manners, something very important for a lady. Of course, all of us as it is not perfect, but overall I think it's an honest person, unobtrusive, intelligent, beautiful and hardworking! Pursue your goals and dreams without waiting for anything for granted. This is my personal opinion. Thank you, for your attention! 😊👍💜✌😄

  2. ThisIsHow WeParty

    Kendall is truely outstanding, She's done a lot of good in her life (a lot)
    And she is pure natural beauty not just her looks but her personality. She should be a role modal aswell as a modal

  3. Miranda Lou

    1. She is spoiled AF
    2. She can't walk (video proves on Victorias secret)
    3. Her mom got her all the jobs (OBVI)
    4. She is a brat (We wont forget the bar incident)
    5. She is stuck up
    6. She acts down to earth, but she is a spoiled, stuck up like her sisters. She might be down to earth on her own standard, but to normal people, she is a snob.
    7. She literally has NO talent, i saw a pig walk once, it was just as good as her cat-walk
    8. Screaming at your parents after everything they gave you, is a sign of arrogance
    9. Ignorant
    10. No unique features on her face whatsoever, basic. She is plainly beautiful.
    11. Complained that she had to wake up 10'o clock to get to work (photo shoot)
    12. Lashes out on Kylie cause Kylie said 'no' to a dress
    13. Shades Taylor swift (i hate that snake too) but she is worthless and can't hit a simple note
    14. Claims to 'LOVE' anyway, wear real fur, as if she doesn't have money to buy high-end expensive FAKE fur
    15. Just as fake as her sister nose job
    16. Slutty
    17. Dumb, actually, pretty stupid
    18. ''I see no point in education beyond high school'' -Cause you are rich
    19. Tantrum when they didnt serve her drinks..she was under-age
    20. Brat
    21. Rude, straight up rude
    22. Cool for the camera, trash-talk and fake behind the scenes.
    23. Horrible to fans. FANS.
    24. Tantrum on twitter
    25. Cancels big company plans because she ''doesn't feel well''

  4. Josie Farnam

    Didn't they end up hiring Tyga because some actual/real singer/rapper was unavailable for her party? I've only caught their show here and there but I (oddly) specifically remember the episode of Kendall's sixteenth birthday. When they were unable to book whomever they wanted to perform at her birthday party, Tyga was the last option… and it didn't seem as if though they were particularly thrilled about it… rather they didn't even seem to know who he was… so yeah, i call bullshit on that "her former favorite artist" thing… I wonder though why he's a FORMER favorite…??
    ANYWHO…. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you've seen the episode, wasn't it obvious that they had to just SETTLE with hiring Tyga?? That they didn't really know who he was but he was the only one available…? He was just as pathetic back then as he is now where he had nothing going on that he jumped at the chance to do a sweet sixteen at the drop of a hat… then to hook up with Kylie only a couple of years after that faithful day… she was only FOURTEEN then… and he was a man (in a child's body) with a new baby (I THINK) and a fiancé…. gross


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