Beauty Chat with KENDALL JENNER!

20 Beauty questions with Kendall Jenner! SUBSCRIBE to see more beauty & fashion content!
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20 Replies to “Beauty Chat with KENDALL JENNER!”

  1. Fleur did a great job with the interview! It's obvious that Kendall is just a shy person and maybe not the best people skills… But let's not attack either of them plz ❤️❤️💞💞❤️❤️

  2. Kendall doesnt come across as very bright. She struggles with basic questions. Probably a good idea to give her questions in advance so her PR people can come up with answers for her.

  3. Wow Fleur, that was something! I mean a great hit for your channel but I'm so sorry you had to go through this! This girl is so mindnumbingly stupid I wanted to cry. You are a trooper going through this video, although I did catch a look you gave at the camera after her 50th "like" in one sentence. And to think, brands like estee lauder would pick their spokeswomen a little more carefully. And by that I mean to be able to speak properly, like a 10-12 year old at least.
    I mean Beauty YouTube is a place where you watch sometimes in order to get away from politics and bad things that happen around the world every moment of every day but when you watch that kind of people like Kendall you are threatened to loose IQ points actually feeling them slipping through your ears. Anyway, congratulations on your channel, you're great, keep up the good work that you do. (Maria Katafigioti, a lawyer from Athens)

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