Halloween 2016 guide: dos and please don't!

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We’ve been talking about how times passes so fast, and not much have passed since we were discussing summer and now we’re already talking about Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year. Why do I love it? Because who doesn’t love an opportunity to be someone or something else for a day? Who hasn’t dream about it?

And guess what? One of the key ingredients for a spectacular Halloween and for a successful journey of being something different is, you guessed it: clothes. They’re not only the characteristic that is going to determine your commitment to the costume, but they will also show how creative you can be when it comes to showing your abilities to turn a simple top in your best costume ally?

So, what are the steps to nail it with your next costume? Let’s see some advice.

Say no to the ‘sexy’ costume

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 This is going to be one of the biggest, but most necessary rejections in your life. And this is only because it shows that this ‘sexy-everything-costume’ thing is getting seriously out of control. We went from sexy kitten, sexy police officer, and sexy teacher to sexy emoji and even sexy Hillary Clinton. And let me make it really clear when I say that all of them are wrong from head to toe. A ‘sexy’ dress not only shows a lack of creativity but also makes whoever dress it a person with a very questionable taste. Don’t be that, leave something to people’s imagination. 

Get inspiration from the past

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Our vintage and retro outfits can be excellent costume if we just put a little bit of more effort on it. Pin-up girls, a flapper from the 20s, hippies from the 60s, disco ladies from the 70… all really easy to come to life, they don’t need a big money investment and you can even find easy and very good hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Have fun during the process, you’ll see it in the result and everyone will too.

Go against the popular

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Suicide Squad was one of the most popular movies this year, making the character of Harley Quinn the one that every girl on the planet wants. And here is what I have to say about it: don’t be one of those girls. Is not a matter of going against the world, is just another move in the purpose of being creative and really have a memorable Halloween. Don’t be one of the thousands of Harleys out there, who are really in competition to dethrone the ‘dapper skeletons’ full of flower crowns from last year.

No to crowns!

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And speaking of flower crowns, who is the magician one have to talk in order to make that horrible accessory evaporates from the face of the earth? From the bottom of the heart, it doesn’t look good on anyone older than 16. And costume related, it’s only allowed when you’re going as Frida Kahlo. And even so, that flower crown is very different from the infamous Coachella one. Remember our goal: going different and original.

What about someone famous?

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We’re always looking to recreate Rihanna’s outfit, Lady Gaga’s costume or Kendall Jenner’s makeup. What about going as one of them this Halloween? It is another easy and creative way to spend your favorite night of the year and you can always use what you have in your closet. Think Madonna in the Like a Virgin video or Britney Spears in I’m a slave 4 you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to music, remember Uma Thurman a Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction? Always a winner! There are plenty of options for you to choose: Audrey Hepburn, Farah Fawcett… your call!

Invest a bit if you have a big event

Are you going to a big party (office one, costume competition, etc)? You may want to put the big guns out there and look for a makeup artist to look your best in your costume, especially if you are trying to pull off a complicated costume (one of the X-Men, for example) that requires lots of professional technique. This is key because some of us are not always really good with makeup (believe me, even the ‘cat eye’ is tricky for me every morning) and it can be a relief for you. Thinking it might be too expensive? Look for Instagram makeup artists, they’re a lot of them who are good and affordable and they can be your new favorites.

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