Kendall Jenner Gigi Hadid & Kim Kardashian Dissed By Former Supermodel

Janice Dickinson disses Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid by saying they are not real supermodels.


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41 Replies to “Kendall Jenner Gigi Hadid & Kim Kardashian Dissed By Former Supermodel”

  1. most feel very bad when you actually prepared yourself and dedicate years and years to be a model and these girls just come out of nowhere and they are tagged like the best models when they are just famous they are just everywhere and people are getting sick and tired of them ruining everything. It's sad

  2. IDK what to say, all depends on the definition of supermodel. I get the impression that a supermodel is iconic, cool, different, and blah blah blah. R Kendall and Gigi all of that? They r very pretty, tall and thin, and that's it, in my opinion.

  3. What's with the comparison, there's enough space for everyone to be what they want to be, it don't matter the name or the followers, its only about the passion. Her era is past, their era is now. She lived her's the way she wanted to so let them live theirs just the same… Gosh

  4. Well, when you say "merits" does that mean posing and walking in 6-inch heels??I think you all do the same thing! But then, she's right. The supermodels that I know of have a decent exposure in the media yet remain a bit mysterious. I guess times have really changed on what the concept is because of the internet.

  5. I think part of her perspective is right and the other part is that she is jealous because Kendall and Gigi had it easy. also what she (I don't know her name) doing is wrong cause she is making them even more famous by throwing shade.

  6. I mean honestly every time I read comments of videos on Kendall it's about how privileged she is and ungrateful and yes she is definetly lucky to be in the family she is with her connections but why do people bash her on it I mean if u were a khardashian and asked to be a supermodel for a VS show wtf r u gonna say, no because everyone will hate me for it?!. People complain that our society is screwed up with bullying and body image but how is this any better?! Putting somebody down for pursuing their career and dream?.

  7. Honestly, if the Kardashians were participating in America's Next Top Model, they would for sure not win the competition. Some of them are pretty girls, but it's not your beauty that makes you necessarily a model.

  8. shut the fuck up u mad supermodel calling those two supermodels Kendall and Gigi stupid and ugly oh hell no intact you even called Kim kardashian ugly u know what FUCK YOU😒😒😒😒😒😒

  9. Now I disagree with her basically I never heard of her and I know people are gonna disagree with me but
    They have worked for there job and if they hadn't I garenty we would notice ☺✌

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