Kendall Jenner Resurfaces | TMZ Live

Kendall Jenner has chosen Coachella as the place she’ll return to the spotlight after the epically disastrous Pepsi ad.


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Kendall Jenner Resurfaces | TMZ Live

14 Replies to “Kendall Jenner Resurfaces | TMZ Live”

  1. she's brave to do a hosting so soon after the debacle. Not that she is solely guilty, maybe more naive and just plain clueless than anything else. But regardless, the backlash(back,front,&side to side-lash ) has to be incredibly embarrassing, so its brave to do this…. well….brave or the $check$ for the hosting gig is too hard to resist. Same reason she probably did the Ad to begin with…dollar signs!

  2. I honestly think this whole "Pepsi Commercial" was blown way out of proportion! I honestly looked at it as it as "people coming TOGETHER". I knew it would better though!
    We wouldn't be able to make a "We are The World" song and video these days either!! People are too damn sensitive.
    Watch ALL the sensitive and dram freaks attack ME…. IN
    But wait, remember THIS is America!!! Freedom of SPEECH!!
    and I will NOT respond btw.

  3. TMZ should interview Tomi Lahren, let's hear what she has to say about her newly found liberal problems. There's always conservatives untill it happens to them.

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