KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Reveals Sleep Paralysis Fear to Kris | E!

With the Kardashians” star’s health on the line, will her hectic schedule be too much for her to handle? Find out on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.


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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Reveals Sleep Paralysis Fear to Kris | E!

50 Replies to “KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Reveals Sleep Paralysis Fear to Kris | E!”

  1. i had this experience where i woke up i couldnt move or breathe. Then i felt like something was on my stomach and i heard grumbling noises and then i started getting scared and then something grabbed my arm. i thought it was a demon. BUT i eventually woke my self up realized that i was puting pressure on my stomach with my arms. my hand was grabbing my arm and the grumbling was my mom snoring in the other room. what caused it i think was that i was starting in my new job and it was really overwhelming for me because i was constantly being yelled at and told i was doing everything wrong. and last i slept on my back when i always sleep on my side.

  2. I've had this a couple of times even last night, but every time it occurs, I just call out the name of Jesus with my mouth, even if you call out with your mind it still works 100%, but they won't tell you that.. Why? Idk… Wake up people! Start acknowledging the fact that God exists, and you will always win with him. You can't trust the media or depend on your own human abilities when this is the best option out there💯

  3. This is a real thing guys. Never heard of it from stress but I get it from lack of sleep and it's scary as hell. Imagine being in bed trying to fall asleep and a shadowy demon like the woman in black opens your door and is sliding toward you. You still see your room and don't know you're asleep but can't move and are conscious. I know it when it happens now so I can play with it more but man o man it's a trip and the first time is terrifying

  4. For anyone else who suffers Sleep Paralysis– get on a regular sleep schedule if you can. I used to get it constantly and then it went away when I started going to bed and waking up at regular times

  5. I used to be terrified of sleep paralysis but now I hope i get it every night. If you don't fight it then you can lucid dream. Just lie there and imagine a dream world and you will enter it.

  6. Kris is being so unhelpful! Kendall is sitting there telling her she's exhausted because of what's happening to her and she's scared Kris should put her family first before money if Kendall was my daughter I would make sure she's OK !

  7. she needs to repent and start praying for herself because those are demons going after her and her sleep. God will answer her prayers and be there for her like he's always been even when she's had no bond with him

  8. sleep paralysis is deadass the most scariest think that happened to me thank god I am not having it like 6 months or so I was scared to even close my eyes at night and fall asleep cuz those black mfukers where going too creep me out

  9. i just sleep paralysis today and it's crazy af so i was sleeping right and I'm fell like awake and hearing a soft music then i get cold so i wanna pull up my blanket but i don't at first i don't know why i waana open my eye but I'm scared like when your taking a bath and when you open your eye you think you gonna see a ghost so this time i get super cold and this time i try to put up my blanket then this time i finally realized i im awake all the time i try to to move my hand and mouth i can't even moan i try to open my mouth so bad then i finally pull up my hand

  10. Sleep paralysis is awesome. you just lay in your bed and see what masterpiece your mind created this time 😀 :)) Do Not Be Afraid Of The SP. Anyway, its Harmless, and it is only in your mind. And remember – No matter What, It will end, after a few Secs, or 30 seconds. BUT IT WILL END.

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