The bomber jacket trend is not going anywhere

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Every time an important trend hits the fashion world is really hard to make it go away. The options are always skipping it completely, get sucked in by it or find a comfortable place in between. It happened last year with the off-the-shoulder, which invaded our closet in a surprisingly big and universal way. It was seriously all over the world and we still seeing a few of them.

Now, entering fall of 2016, there’s one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, and it’s not like anyone want it to. The bomber jacket has been taken our looks by storm and everyone is obsessed with it. But how does it take for a piece to last in time and in between seasons? Reinventing itself, of course. That’s why, for this fall, the bomber is more luxurious and it is ready to be in every garment you have in mind.

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Our favorite it girls can’t be all wrong… they have made the transition from spring to fall (and the boldest ones, to even summer) with a bomber on their shoulders and are looking spectacular and effortless with this one single item. And of course, as soon as they got, we wanted them too… Google reported that ‘bomber jacket’ was the first wardrobe item in their search this year, with one incredible 297% growth only in the UK.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or a low budget, there are options for everyone. From Gucci to Louis Vuitton for the couture lovers, to H&M and Asos for the fast fashion addicts. Which details do you have to know to pick the right one for you? Take a look at which are the hot details of the winning trend of the year.

Basics for fall

One of the best things of a bomber is the fact that we can wear with practically anything in our closet. Kendall Jenner and her squad had set the ‘model off duty’ look starting with this jacket. Pair it with a white t-shirt and your skinny jeans and you’re ready to go having lunch after Fashion Week with them. And now that we’re saying goodbye to the summer is perfect for those days when you need a little bit of warm and cardigan is not enough, but a coat is definitely too much. Use it without fear: it goes perfectly with pants, dresses, and even shorts. It will look awesome with a simple little black dress and killer heels to go out and have a drink.

Silk and Asian

I know we all thought of a simple black bomber when we started hearing again of the bomber jacket. But unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few months (or avoiding the stores, like I tend to do sometimes for the sake of my credit card), you would know that the evolution of the bomber jacket has been amazing. Just take a look at Gucci, for example. Alessandro Michele, the brand’s creative director, made the bomber the start of his collection since last spring show, and it hasn’t been out of anyone’s closet since then. Gucci’s star bomber was green and silky, with embroidered flower details. And other brands, including fast fashion’s, followed from there. We can see the Asian theme in Diesel’s fall collection and embroidered ones in Zara or H&M, for us without the budget for Alessandro’s creativity.


Fashion is so amazing that it allow us to put together two trends and do it effortless if we want to. The emoji trend started in late 2015 and gave us patches, pins and lots of amazing clothing with a really fun twist. Well, now, in the middle of bomber jacket season, we are witnessing the rise of an amazing combination: bombers with emojis. Full of them. Mira Mikati has launched a few models full of our favorite emojis, which is currently sold out, but the beauty of this is that, if you’re creative enough, you will just need a plain jacket and your favorite patches. Go for it!

An important tip when it comes to this particular way of wearing your bomber jacket: let it be the star. With a piece full of details you certainly don’t need anything else in your look. It can be the icing on the cake of a beautiful total color look (you can use it to add contrast, as a true it girl.

Pastel fever

Coming straight from spring, we’re not ready to give up on pastels just yet. Don’t let the rules scare you, if you’re still in love with that baby blue or blush jacket you bought in January, use it! It can be perfect for some color blocking or as a pop of color to your black outfit, for those who are not exactly fans of the brightest tones. Remember, is a matter of creativity and the sky is the limit. If there’s another one still available around and you want it, just take it… I can promise you it will be useful for a few more seasons and you probably won’t get tired of it.

Steal it from the guys

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We’ve done it for years… and we have to admit sometimes their clothes are way cooler than ours. And when it comes to bomber jackets it is a matter of size and prints. For those girls who love an oversized jacket, the bad news is that you won’t find those in the women section. It just won’t happen, because the silhouette of this particular jacket is more fitted to the body, which will give you an ‘I got the wrong size’ instead on the cool oversized look. The good news (actually they might be great) is that you can actually have one from the men section and get the ‘I steal this from my boyfriend’ style in no time. And if you’re not feeling like shopping but you actually have a cute and stylish man, just go for the gold and borrow it from him… or steal it, you can’t see the difference in a couple.

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