The SHADY Side Of Kendall Jenner

10 Reasons why the Internet doesn’t think that Kendall Jenner is all that great. Like this video for more. Subscribe:
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Kendall Jenner’s shady behavior covers all bases, from dissing her own family to betraying her friends. The model might seem one of the more chilled out members of the family, but Kendall has been involved in her fair share of Kardashian-Jenner scandals. From controversies over driving and dining to feuds with famous friends, Kendall’s mean moments are quite shocking. We reveal all in our video about the shady side of Kendall.

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23 Replies to “The SHADY Side Of Kendall Jenner”

  1. These gossip channels are quite upsetting. it's not fair that we have to broadcast and analyze everything that she has done. she's only human, and people are allowed to get upset. it must be hard living under a spotlight where everyone is ready to call you out. we should just leave her alone.

  2. I think the Kardashians are stupid . they're famous for no reason . the only one I like is Kendall because she's actually made a name for herself , plus you don't hear much about her

  3. i used to think kylie was the messed up one but shes just insecure and trying to act shady to fit in with the other Kartrashians. nope kendall is the one that needs a good beatdown. getting with her friends man? throwing money at a waitress? driving while sticking her legs out the car possibly endagering other peoples lives. this chick thinks she can get away with anything and i hope one day she suffers badly from the consequences of her actions.

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