46 Replies to “Amber Rose Opens up About Khloe Kardashian Feud: ‘I Don’t Hate Her’”

  1. i feel NOONE in the Kardashian clain should say 1 thing about another woman who do what she do. No man either its cool for them to come up on Ray J n kim tape n market that hey do u. but bitchye coming after her is a low blow then talking bout her child come on yo wife have had almost every black man in the NBA, NFL, HELL SOCCER, GOLF, HELL. MAYBE MORE SINGERS N RAPPERS AS WELL. BLACK MEN REALLY NEED TO STOP DISSING BLACK WOMEN WHEN THEY SAY THEY UPGRADED…. WHITE WOMEN R NO DIFFERENT THAN BLACK WOMEN THEY JUST DO THEIRS DIFFERENTLY. N ONCE BLACK MEN SEE THAT THEY WILL KEEP SOME COMMENTS TO THEIR SELVES.

  2. That is a huge contradiction. You just slut shamed Kim Kardashian. She said she would be famous as a young Kim I doubt that a sex tape is what she had in mind. It happpened and its over so to keep making Kim relive something that was traumatic for her to experience , over and over again by so many fucking people. She is lucky to have an amazing family that loves and supports her because she is truly a sweet woman and doesn't deserve to be slut shamed for something she never intended to get out.The same thing happened to Amber ,so thats like saying oh amber you are only famous because of all those naked photos of you floating around .Its just not true and shut the fuck up Amber I love you but i love kim and you dont see the bigger picture. Who would ever want that?SO many women including me< have been slut shamed . I cant be anyone famous for the same reason I dont want to be publicly humiliated ,It has been a struggle since I graduated highschool .I have been so insecure and afraid because of what happened to me,being black mailed with photos and having photos of you leaked is one of the worst feelings in the entire world.I have wanted to kill myself because I feel like I cant have a life because somewhere someone will try to come along and sabotage me again,if it was illegal then i would feel safer,and atleast know that something would be done about it if it were to come up again .Women need to stand for each other and stop judging one another.Its should be illegal to share video or photos of someone who didnt consent for it to be out.IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL AND THE PHOTOS AND VIDEO SHOULD BE REMOVED>HOW DARE YOU SPEAK FOR KIM AND SAY"LETS BE REAL<THATS THE ONLY REASON SHE AND HER FAMILY ARE FAMOUS" AMBER YOU ARE NOT RIGHT .SOOO ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE HATERS >>KEEP HATIN>AND STOP TALKIN SHIT BOUT THE KARDASHIANS <IT WONT DO YOU ANY GOOD.

  3. I hate Amber. She's disgusting, her "rocking" that bald head looks hideous (I do not feel that way about cancer patients), she has tattoos all over body and she would rather party than take care of her kid. I can't have respect for trash like her, she's a nobody.

  4. All the females in this comment box not understand what and why amber rose is doing what she is doing is sad. We just want to trap ourselves into the patriarchy and hate women who try to escape. Honestly us women would reach nowhere if we cannot support each other. The only reason guys aren't blamed is because men dont bitch about other men. It's only us. These kind of thing just puzzle me. Like who cares about your sex life as long as you are a good person it does not fucking matter. No us women have to hate each other.

  5. So many hate comments on Amber kinda sad…she's promoting a very good product with the "slut walk" women get a very judgmental double standard. Why is it so wrong for Amber to be famous? Why is it wrong for her to promote a slut walk? I think she seems like a really cool person…& I like her because she has nothing to hide.

  6. Bitch u have a slut walk and u call 📞 Kim names that r totally against ur slut walk she only famous cuz of a sex tape bitch u only famous cuz a Kanye and stripper poles I bet even without a tape Kim k would at least be somewhere In life with fashion and business she would still have a lot of money 💵 and at least they make money of things they love to do fashion business and they do it better than alot of people

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