Fans FURIOUS with Khloe Kardashian’s Jeans

Fans FURIOUS with Khloe Kardashian’s Jeans
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Khloe Kardashian’s new denim line is finally here and fans are FURIOUS! Good American is not cheap you guys. Khloe, listen, we were rooting for you! We were so excited for you! We wanted our butt to look just like yours in your new denim line, but we can’t afford this!

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28 Replies to “Fans FURIOUS with Khloe Kardashian’s Jeans”

  1. way to damn high for mediocre clothes almost 300 for on pair of jeans, I think everyone was hype about her pants but didn't realize here are actually fitted and altered for her body saw a video of all kinds of sizes trying them on and for bigger woman the cut outs are not in flattering places. Even if I had the money NO I would buy these jeans!!

  2. She chose Nordstrom to sell it so she clearly sent me the message that if you can't afford shopping there, then the jeans aren't for you. Period. If you currently shop at Ross for your jeans, don't complain you can't afford hers if you've never shopped at Nordstrom. She can price her jeans at whatever price she wants. It's up to you though to make a decision whether you're gonna drop the cash or not. To me, personally, as a business owner who understands how cheaply you can make a pair of HIGH QUALITY jeans for, I wouldn't pay that much. But like every other item at Nordstrom, most of their items you pay for the name. And behind every name at that store, there are billion of dollars in marketing to manipulate you into believing that you must have it if you want to "fit in". Otherwise, you're a loser. And honestly, if you've tried any of Kardashian's makeup line and beauty products, you would know better. You're paying for the name, not how much the item really is worth. Wet 'n wild make up is better than the Kardashian's but they sell at Ulta bc of their name. Go to Nordstrom rack (if you're really looking for great jeans) and you'll find amazing high quality jeans for about $70 and with that much money you can buy 3 of those. The Kardashians are great at marketing and they could sell a jar of their poop for $5K and would sell out everyday. They can sell anything all-day-long at any price. If you're stupid enough to pay for their lavish lifestyle, then go ahead and do it.

  3. the most i've ever spent on pants is like -30 euro so no.. not at all i wish i could have a pair cus im sure they'd fit amazingly specially since its great for the big girls but fuck khloe give my wallet a break

  4. Well there are some designer jeans that are $400-$500 each so the price is average . I dont think khloe is trying to adolescents who shop at hollister and f21 either. Get over it. Theyre good jeans and youre paying a good price for jeans that can last you for a lifetime

  5. Yikes! yea super expensive! they do look nice, but frankly you can get those butt sculpting/lifting Colombian jeans from $40-$65. And they are also perfect fit for "real women" too. Ladies, do your shopping around, these girls are filling their pockets with your purchase while you're emptying out yours!

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