18 Replies to “Get a First Look at Khloe Kardashian’s New Show ‘Revenge Body’”

  1. I actually love khloe's body and how she moved on and become the person she want to be, I want to lose weight just like her so I hope the show includes her diet and workout routine

  2. KHLOE is Taking Lessons From KYLIE, STEALING IDEAS From other People. KHLOES show Is Pretty Much The SAME exact Thing as "MY BIG FAT REVENGE" On the OXYGEN NETWORK that got cancelled. the only difference is she has her NAME Attached to it.

  3. so a person that has butt and lip injections, uses waist trainers and has had botox injections is going to help regular humanized people who live in the real world, get into shape? lol…let's see what khloe can do……..she should include one cosmetic procedure in there while she's at it. People should get in shape for themselves, not for revenge against their 'haters'.

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