Khloe Kardashian | My Full Gym Workout Routine/Tutorial | by Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s Daily workout with her personal rainer

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25 Replies to “Khloe Kardashian | My Full Gym Workout Routine/Tutorial | by Khloe Kardashian”

  1. Khloe you are an inspiration. I am 53 and Im so motivated by you. Your personality is awesome and you are so motivating to everyone interested. Thank you. I have diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. I can't do everything you or as much but I do what I can so I can get healthier and get in better shape!

  2. It's so disgusting, disappointing and typical of seeing people trying to tear her down when all she is doing is posting a work out. Grow up, get a life…..if you can't be supportive and the only reason you post is to cut someone down or say something negative (jealousy makes otherwise nice people into bitter people with nothing better to do) then move the fuck on. No one gives a shit about your petty and convoluted opinions. "gym addicts"? stfu. You sound like a moron.

  3. Remember her gym magazine photos, where she had incredible toned and muscular legs? As soon as I saw the pics I knew that her legs were contoured to fake muscles, because in real life her legs aren't toned and have 0 amount of muscle mass. Too much core workout in this video, should had done more leg and thigh workout instead.

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