Ooh Girl ft. Barry White (VERY BAD SINGING)

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Gerard J. Piccolomini singing an original song called Ooh Girl ft Barry White’s song “loves theme”
WARNING: This song contains vulgar language and very bad singing..
(Spoken) Baby, I’m a sexually attractive male, and we’re gonna have sex tonight. And, it’s gonna be hardcore, mediocre, white-boy, sweaty, hardcore, slum dog (I think I said hardcore already!) sex. My dick, you’re vagina. BOOM! Let’s make some sexual magic.
Hey girl you’re everything I need
So count 1, 2, 3 and get on your knees
I wanna do you so hard you can’t even breathe so go right down and breath in deep
I want you to know you’re my shining star
And when you take off your clothes you get my dick so hard
I got a box of condoms so were gonna go far
Now lets stop the talking and get it on
Cause baby
I just wanna see you nakie
So baby just take off all your clothes
And I’ll keep the door closed
And I will make you scream
And you will make me cream
I know your good looking and you think you’re a slut
My hand is on my dick and my thumb is up my butt
I want you to get all up in my shit
But you can’t cause you have sex like a dead gold fish
But I can’t blame you girl and I’ll catch you if you fall
So shut the fuck up and suck on my balls
Cause I only turn you on when I treat you like shit
And baby
Pretend like you want to rape me
So baby close your eyes and jerk me
Gently and so sexy
Make me scream for more and make my testes sore
Cause I want to hump you and rape you
Oh baby have sex with me
Your titties are all I want to see
Show me boobies
Unless you want roofies
And then you can screw me
(Spoken) If Khloe Kardashian and Jesus had a baby, that’d be you!
Joe and I want you to get in our crap
Cause we wanna lock you like a Chinese finger trap
I am the man so I’ll get in the front
And I’m the dirty bastard who will stick it in your butt
I wanna be the guy who’s gonna make you cum
And with Joe on my side, bitch we have a threesome
(Sung) And we can have sexual intercourse
Movin’ on girl, have you ever done oral
Every girl does this, it’s perfectly normal
I know when you do it you’ll be scared at first
But give it time baby; you’re a pro in the works
I apologize baby, I couldn’t resist
Sucking on my dick is just something I insist
You’re making a face that’s saying “what is this?”
And the answer to that is, that’s my penis
Oral sex is amazing (Spoken) You’re on top of the world girl!
You’re sucking like a pro
Your finger’s in my asshole
It’s actually happening
The ultimate love making
(Spoken) ::Panting:: Oh man, that was incredible, that lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage. Hey I couldn’t help but notice you had a tattoo on your lower back. What is that? Like is your name Gina? Oh oh, Gina, awwwwkward…So you wanna do it again? You do! Alright let’s do this in my bedroom cause now my mom has to kinda clean up this mess. Yeah I know its lame…

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