Rob Kardashian cheated on Adrienne Bailon , What will happen next?

So to get the story straight here , rob kardashian cheated on adrienne bailon. He announced on his show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" that adrienne broke up with him after she found out.

What we all want to know is who did rob kardashian cheated on adrienne with as rob didn’t mention that on his sunday night show episode.

Back When they were a couple , adrienne made frequent appearances on his kardashians show. In one episode, the Kardashian family and Adrienne’s family went camping together. Also , Adrienne bailon was a guest at Khloe Kardashian’s recent wedding to Lamar Odom.

But , it didn’t take long for the former cheetah , adrienne to move on with her life as she now has a new boyfriend around that sent rob kardashian a text message at the end of the episode saying "sorry rob!"

In my humble opinion , we haven’t heard the end of this little break up , I have a feeling we will soon know who he cheated with.

Who knows , I have seen so many relationships in hollywood were they breakup then get back together a few weeks later.

I wonder how this will effect his show Keeping Up With the Kardashians , I guess we will see on his next episode.

He showed off a fresh tattoo of Adrienne’s name below his left pectoral.  Remind you that the two had been dating just a couple of months when the show was taped.  Adrienne is 24 and Rob is 21-years-old.

The Cheetah Girls are a girl music group that was created by Disney and has spawned a successful line of ‘Cheetah’ movies.  Before joining the group, Adrienne was in the girl group.

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