Who Wear Vera Wong For Wedding?

In wedding industry, there prevails one word: unmarried women want a Vera Wong, divorced women miss her Vera Wong, remarried women excited to wear Vera Wong again. From these words, you can imagine the powerful magic of Vera Wong. Why Vera Wong win the hearts of so many celebrities?

In America, Vera Wong represents splendid and elegant wedding gowns and all that related with beauty. From Chelsea Clinton’s royal wedding last month, Vera Wong remains to be hot search for brides and celebrities. But definitely Chelsea Clinton was not the only celebrity indulges in Vera Wong, in fact Vera Wong wedding dresses have accompanied various celebrities stepping into marriage. Let’s see the most recent lists

Hilary Duff turned from Cinderella to princess in long white bridal gowns designed by Vera Wong August 2010, and stepped into fairytale with her prince NHL hockey player Mike Comrie.  

Chelsea Clinton’s strapless white gown by Vera Wong may still impress you July 31th, 2010.

LaLa Vazquez married basketball player Carmelo Anthony also in traditional white bridal dress designed by Vera Wong July 2010.

And last year, Vera Wong also dressed many celebrities. For example, Ivanka Trump astonished the guests with custom Vera Wang gowns when she tied the knot with Jared Kushner October 2009. And according to Wang, the dress was inspired by Grace Kelly’s gown in 1956.

Khloe Kardashian matched her beloved Vera Wong white with purple sash when she celebrated the special day with Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom September 2009.

Ali Larter dressed in lace white gowns by Vera Wong during her marriage with Hayes MacArthur August 2009.

Not only in real wedding, Vera Wong is listed as top choice for wedding dress, even the Hollywood movie starts to have a liking for Wong’s design. In the movie “Bride Wars” 2009, we still could see the magic of Wong’s wedding gowns.

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