Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Emma Willis reveals huge TWIST which will ‘Edit Out’ one housemate

CELEBRITY Big Brother have unleashed a big twist which will see one housemate excluded during the live launch.

Tonight’s live launch saw a plethora of big names enter the famous house.

However, before they all got settled in properly, Celebrity Big Brother have dropped a massive twist on them.

The first celebrities to enter the house were American reality stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, model Jasmine Waltz and former Strictly star James Jordan.

And Big Brother wasted no time in making them the house ‘producers’.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Lennard and James Jordan have been made producers [Channel 5]

Taking them to a separate room, Big Brother informed the group they they would be using previous storylines to make decisions and create tasks.

They would also have to watch the remaining housemates entrances and ‘edit out’ who they think is the least entertaining housemate.

The unlucky housemate would then be treated differently and excluded from key moments throughout the secret mission.

The clan were soon joined by their fellow ‘All Stars’ housemates including Austin Armcost, Coleen Nolan and Nicola McLean.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Heidi Montag consults her fellow producers [Channel 5]

Clearly loving being a position of power, they wasted no time in analysing their fellow celebrity’s VT’s and entrances including Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J and model Bianca Gascoigne.

This isn’t the only twist on this year’s Alls Stars and New Stars series.

It has been claimed that two other housemates will enter the house in two days’ time on Friday 6 January.

The identities of these housemates are being kept a secret until then.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Big Brother have dropped a huge twist on the housemates this year [Channel 5]

According to The Sun, there’s a “shock twist” in store for the housemates when they’re faced with some newbies.

A source apparently told them: “Two more faces will enter the house on Friday night.

“The identities are being kept top secret but fans can definitely expect added tension and drama once the late comers make their presence known.

“It will be a shock twist for the housemates that will already be entering the house on Tuesday night and viewers can expect to see dynamics and blossoming friendships rocked when the two extra celebrities join.”

Just hours before the live launch, chaos ensued after a star pulled out at the last minute.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother 2017: The producers will have to edit out the housemate who they deem the least entertaining [Channel 5]
[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Emma Willis was thrilled with the new twist [Channel 5]

Shamesless star Jody Latham was due to take part in the new series of Celebrity Big Brother starting tonight.

The actor was said to be looking forward to going into the house after turning his life around since being cleared of harassing ex Apprentice candidate Adam Hosker.

But it appears that Jody has had a change of heart after reportedly telling pals he wasn’t taking part.

A source has told The Sun: “He told other housemates he was pulling out a couple of days ago.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues everyday on Channel 5.


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