Celebrity Big Brother’s Ray J and Stacy Francis are accused of staging their chats about Whitney

RAY J and Stacy Francis have come under fire from Celebrity Big Brother fans after they’re accused of faking conversations about Whitney Houston.

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The duo were targeted by fans who believed their conversations about the late Whitney Houston were scripted.

Stacy famously had a spat with Whitney just two days before her tragic death, with her and Ray J’s friendship falling apart as a result.

And Thursday’s episode saw the pair finally sit down to discuss the incident which occurred in 2012.

The show saw Stacy open up about “losing everything”, and what really happened with Whitney and Ray J.

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With Ray J eventually admitting that he was a fault following the incident.

However, viewers at home were not convinced that the chat was genuine, with many suspicious fans accusing the pair of faking the conversation.

Taking to Twitter, several fans aired their opinions about Ray J and Stacy’s talk.

“Is anyone else still confused about the whole Whitney, Ray J, Stacy story?? #CBB,” commented one person.

[undefined]Celebrity Big Brother: Fans have accused Stacy and Ray J’s talks about Whitney Houston of being scripted [Channel 5]

A another said: “Am I the only one getting #cbbrayj game plan already ??? @bbuk #CBB.”

A third wrote: “I’m watching and I listed to the Stacy and Whitney storey and I still don’t have a f***ing clue what’s going on #CBB.”

With another adding: “This whole Ray J and Stacy discussing Whitney thing – are we seriously supposed to believe that they haven’t met up in the last five years to discuss it?” 

Following the reports, Big Brother has hit back and denied there was anything fake about the pair’s conversation, with a rep from the show saying: “Big Brother is not scripted.”

Ray J and Stacy’s heart-to-heart saw the pair finally put to bed the issues that have plagued them for the past five years.

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Stacy confessed: “When I walked in I was like ‘Omg’ I was shook.”

As Kim Kardashian’s ex asked: “Really?” she added: “I was very shook.”

She then told him: “I have questions for you I wanna ask.”

Ray J then admitted he hasn’t seen her since she came by his house, which she admits she did a few times.

She then went on to say: “Then it got worse, and  worse, and worse. It was a horrible time.”

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Ray J agreed: “It’s something nobody can explain, it’s all my fault.”

Stunned by his admission, Stacy asked him what he meant before telling him none of what happened was down to him.

He said: “It just was my fault, I wasn’t there but we can talk later.”

She agreed: “We have to talk about it later.”

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Ray J then replied: “It was all my fault,” with Stacy disagreeing: “I don’t want you to say that.”

Their emotional talk came after Stacy accused the One Wish singer of ‘throwing her under the bus’ following the incident.

OK! Online has contacted Ray J’s reps for comment.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm and 10.30pm on Channel 5. 

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